Quote of the Day — Schools in the Time of Covid-19

“Every parent is eager for life to return to normal — for themselves, but even more so for their children. But it must be understood that the circumstances under which our schools will reopen this spring will not be normal,” wrote Ann Marie Matheson, director general of EMSB.

She said that the typical teaching strategies, such as group work, hands-on learning and guided reading, would not meet safety guidelines. “This reality will be difficult for both the teachers and the students,” Ms. Matheson wrote. “It is important that all parents understand and accept this reality when making their decision to send their child back to school or not.”


Prof. Heath said schools will do their best to keep children safe. “Will they be able to keep the kids a two-metre distance from each other in all circumstances? No, that’s not feasible. Will they be able to keep them a two-metre distance a lot of the time? Probably, because kids learn, they adapt,” she said.

Quebec school boards provide a glimpse of the new normal in classrooms




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Ismail Ali Manik

Uni. of Adelaide & Columbia Uni NY alum; World Bank, PFM, Global Development, Public Policy, Education, Economics, book-reviews, MindMaps, @iamaniku